About Jane Watson

Jane Watson came to exist because of Lynn Bakri‘s incessant search to find clothes to fit her curvaceous body. She soon found that many other big built women with curvaceous bodies shared the same frustration.

Hailing from Asia, where size zero seemed to be the only language of fashion, Lynn decided that it was time that she brought to light the concept that big could not only be beautiful but also in the sea of size zero, big was also about being different. It was also about dispelling the myth that if you were bigger built; your only options were to wear something styled after a sack.

The Jane Watson message is that you can wear styles that you were drummed to believe were off limits to the bigger built women, because it was all about how you wear it. This not only encompassed style but also colour and print.

Jane Watson is determined to prove that if you have a bigger curvaceous body figure – you do not have to hide or feel that you have no options to dress up.

Jane Watson was the first plus size, muslimah, Asian fashion designer to walk and run the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend in London and Pulp Paris Fashion Weekend in conjunction with the global fashion week in 2015, 2016 and 2017 along side with international designers such as; Evans, Curves UK, Remy Ray, Calibria and many more.